Jonathan Hunter

Filmmaker and Videographer
Documentary, commercial and filmmaking for filmmaking's sake in Italy, the UK and across Europe.
Produzione di film documentari e commerciali in Italia, Regno Unito e in tutta Europa.

Szabad Egyetem/ The Free University is a full-length documentary on the exile of Central European University from Hungary and the students who tried to resist. It debuted at Verzio IDFF 2019, was featured on Germany's Das Erste, Finland's YLS and Austria's ORF, also screening at Crossing Europe IDFF 2020, Astra IDFF, Cinema Galeries for the European Commission and elsewhere.


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Shot w/ BlackMagic PCC4k

Industrial Landscapes for Sustainable Futures for OSUN

Producer/Edit, various cameras

There Is So Much Work To Do for Szabad Egyetem

Shot w/ Blackmagic PCC4k

ADAR | Be Part of the Conscious Generation

Shot w/ BlackMagic Mini URSA G2

Minicut from shots for La Menagere

Shot w/ Blackmagic PCC4k

Clips from short films for EU Open Heritage

Shot w/ Sony x70