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Christmas Filmmaking in Tuscany

The first few months in a new city are always busy, and business means no time to film for fun. But things are finally settling down for me in Florence, which means I'm open to new opportunities, especially if it involves filming something.

Still, Christmas is coming, which is a hectic time for most people, so I only had a few hours to edit and now I should plan our trip to Brussels. We're showing Szabad Egyetem to politicians and policymakers and the plane leaves in 8 hours. I probably should have left this edit for later.

Christmas markets in Florence are suprisingly bad - I'm not convinced the Florentines quite understand them yet - but Arezzo is only an hour's train away. It's very cute and visual so I had a good couple of hours of experiencing it through an LED display until the camera batteries ran down.

I've seen a couple other videos on Arezzo market. One of them is quite good! But I can't stomach over-sugared Christmas content - it feels too much of marketting. Hopefully I'll be able to come back next year, spend more time there to catch the fireshows and lanterns, then make a proper film of it.

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